— The Sketch Collection  Vol. 04 —

Since I was a kid I spent many hours a day drawing, and I would always keep a sheet of blank paper and some pencils with me. I think sketching is one of the most important steps in the creation of an artwork, it is where you are able to keep your ideas alive. I make a number of sketches when I'm creating an original piece, I then fuse a number of ideas from the sketches to create one final sketch. 

Nowadays many artists create everything directly on the computer. I don't think it is wrong, but it may cause the work to lose the 'spark' if it wasn't first conceptualized in sketch form. 
I have been planning to make this post for a long time. I realized that people really enjoy my work process, and I'm very glad about that. So, here's a post showing some sketches I have made during the last few years. Enjoy!

You can find more sketches on my Instagram page!


For who wants to know what tools I use, here are them all

Thanks for stopping by!

If you are wondering how I create these illustrations using Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop, I invite you to watch my Youtube channel, I have some Speed Art videos showing the whole process from sketching, vectorizing, and painting. YouTube: www.youtube.com/MarceloSchultz

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